Loveresse sewage treatment plant

Olivier Fleury, Site Manager

Weiss+Appetito AG keeps the Loveresse sewage treatment plant in good working order. The Loveresse sewage treatment plant has been operating since the 1980s. In recent years, the fabric of the building began to show signs of this long operating period. To ensure that the plant could continue to function, the various ponds had to be fully reconstructed as a measure to preserve value. Weiss+Appetito AG was awarded the contract for this work.

The first stage of the refurbishment concept involved removing the existing coating with the cement skin, down to the concrete grain structure (see the illustrations). The aims were to reprofile the concrete at the damaged points and protect the reinforcements against corrosion. Surfaces were also completely levelled and coated with highly resistant products to restore the ponds to good condition, ensuring that the plant will operate smoothly for years and decades to come.

Enormous expertise and know-how are needed to carry out such complex work in the building reconstruction sector. Our specialists put in excellent work on the refurbishment of the aeration ponds – and our customer was entirely satisfied. To sum up: Weiss+Appetito AG Building Reconstruction was able to play a major part in preserving the infrastructure at the Loveresse sewage treatment plant. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the clients again for the chance to undertake this exciting project.