Our special machines perform convincingly – even in the most challenging situations

Willi Binder, Road Transport Scheduler

Where conventional machines can only be used with difficulty, extraction by suction is often the easiest way to transport materials such as rubble or sludge. This applies, for example, to roofs, swimming pools and cellars. Our special services company, Weiss+Appetito Spezialdienste AG, is the specialist of choice for suction and pressure blowing work of this sort.

Pressure suction of every type of material (whether in liquid or dry form, and often under difficult conditions) is one of our company's specialities. On 15 July 2016, the police and the fire brigade were called out to deal with an emergency due to an attic fire in Murten/Morat. They were followed up on site by a team from Weiss+Appetito's special services. That's because our high-performance pressure suction machines make child's play of removing fire debris, just as easily as they cope with gravel and dust. 

For our customers, we remove gravel from flat roofs, dust from silos or, as just mentioned, debris from fire sites. The suction power of our machines is unrivalled in Switzerland and is among the highest available anywhere in Europe. We are assisted by special vehicles such as the Power Jumbo, which can transport up to 40 cubic metres of solid material per hour. 

As well as making child's play of removing material by suction, our machines can use the same power to pressure-blow it in the opposite direction when required. 

And as an added benefit, our special vehicles transport the optimal substrate onto your roof for extensive and intensive greening projects. Several substrates are available, including our certified "W+A Dachgrünplus" substrate. Old roof tiles are crushed, screened and mixed with bark compost. This is a value preservation solution that makes ecological sense.