Our corporate structure

Our organisation has become established and consolidated over the years. The strong brands of our group stand for competence, reliability and sustainability. The majority of shares are held by Weiss+Appetito executives and our employees.    

Company structure

Our Board of Directors

Thomas Baumgartner

Chairman of the Board of Directors
MBA (Higher Economics and Administration School)

Marc Baumer

Head of Human Resources

Andrea Furrer

Head of Marketing, communication and ICT

Karin Aebischer

Manager of the Pension Fund
Graduate Diploma in Pension Fund Management

Thomas Neuschwander

Division Manager Josef Muff AG
Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
Executive MBA in Business Engineering

Beat Ellenberger

Regional Manager Suction+Pressure Blowing
Eastern Switzerland / Southern Germany

Adrian Degenmann

Division Manager Suction+Pressure Blowing
Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Agriculture

Walter Daumann

Division Manager Telecom
Electrical and Electronic Systems Installer
Ph.D. in Engineering

Kurt Bill

Division Manager Floors+Flooring
M.Sc. in Engineering