Our profile

We are a group of companies active in the field of construction and construction services. We started writing our story of success in 1923. It is founded on high standards, compelling added values and enthusiastic employees.


We have a broad base

We develop customised, reliable and economic solutions for our customers. This is why we specialise in the following high-growth areas to fulfil the high standards of our discerning customers.

  • Reconstructions of buildings
  • Floors+Flooring
  • Energy+Renovations
  • Josef Muff: Conduit construction
  • Suction+Pressure Blowing
  • Technical Center
  • Telecom

Added values

We present solutions

Our core competences are advising on, developing and implementing comprehensive solutions. We create added value for customers, employees and the environment. The group's brands stand for professionalism, reliability and sustainability. We want to be market leaders in our defined segments.    


We guarantee quality

We employ around 500 people in Switzerland and abroad. The management and employees are the majority owners of the Weiss+Appetito Group. Our divisions work with a high sense of self-responsibility and stand for on-time delivery and technically faultless implementation.  

Our guiding principle

We fulfil our corporate mission with passion. Every one of our projects is founded on enthusiasm. It is the basis of our guiding principle.



Our history

Ever since our company was established in 1923, we have found ourselves in a state of constant growth and continuing change. A look back at the history of Weiss+Appetito Group.   


Acquisition of Pegrila AG (Floors+Flooring)

Opening of the Building Reconstruction plant in Zofingen


On the 1.6.2016 Andrea Wucher becomes the new CEO.


Relocation of the Seeland Building Reconstruction plant from Brügg (BE) to Biel (BE).

Relocation of the Suction+Pressure Blowing plant from Goldach (SG) to Niederstetten (SG).


Opening of the Seeland Building Reconstruction plant in Brügg (BE).

Opening of the Floors+Flooring plant for eastern Switzerland in Frauenfeld (TG).

Weiss+Appetito Group gains OHSAS 18001 certification.

Weiss+Appetito Group gains ISO 14001 certification.


Acquisition of PRIMA-SOL AG (Floors+Flooring).

Opening of the pipeline construction plant - Josef Muff in Basel (BS).

Certification of our own substrate W+A Dachgrün Plus (Suction+Pressure Blowing)


Construction of the substrate hall in Kerzers (FR) (Suction+Pressure Blowing).

Acquisition of DDT GmbH in Germany (Telecom).


Sale of the civil engineering and road building division to subsequently focus on eight strategic business areas: building reconstruction, roof greening (Terra Verde), floors+flooring, energy+consulting (Casvita), pipeline construction (Josef Muff), suction+pressure blowing, technology centre and telecom.  


Opening of the Building Reconstruction plant in Opfikon (ZH).

Acquisition of Josef Muff AG (conduit construction).

Acquisition of Terra Verde GmbH (roof greening).

Acquisition of the TelcoNet Services division from Ascom (Telecom).  


Foundation of Weiss+Appetito Sàrl in Sierentz (F) (Suction+Pressure Blowing).  


Creation of a new corporate structure with four companies: Weiss+Appetito AG (Construction), Weiss+Appetito Services AG (Services), Weiss+Appetito Special Services AG (Suction+Pressure Blowing) and Weiss+Appetito Management AG (Administration).   


Construction of Operations Centre II in Kerzers (FR).

Relocation of the Suction+Pressure Blowing plant from Kirchberg (SG) to Goldach (SG).


Weiss+Appetito Group takes the 100 million turnover hurdle. Creation of 70 new jobs.

Opening of the business location Zurich-Opfikon (ZH).

Closure of the Euböolith site and depot in Peney-Dessous (GE) (Floors+Flooring).


Founding of the energy and construction consulting division - Casvita.

Opening of Suction+Pressure Blowing sites in Altach (A) and Wyhl (D) 


Opening of a Suction+Pressure Blowing site in Kirchberg (SG).


Opening of the Euböolith site and depot in Peney-Dessous (GE) (Floors+Flooring).


Site relocation from Renens (VD) to Ecublens (VD). 


Site openings (Building Reconstruction) in Biel (BE), Solothurn (SO), Escholzmatt (LU) and Freiburg (FR). Weiss+Appetito Group gains ISO 9001 certification.


Founding of Weiss+Appetito Totalunternehmung AG (Telecom).

ISO 9001 certification for structural engineering products.


Occupation of Operations Centre II in Kerzers (FR).


Acquisition of Euböolit in Vevey and Geneva (GE) (Floors+Flooring


Founding of Weiss+Appetito Rohrleitungstechnik AG (pipeline construction).

Suction+Pressure Blowing acquires a 50 per cent stake in Wagner GmbH in Straubenhardt (D).


Founding of plastics operations (Floors+Flooring).


Founding of the divisions for building reconstruction/concrete restoration in Bern (BE).

Opening of civil engineering sites in Lyss (BE) and Marin (NE).


Renaming in Weiss+Appetito AG.

Opening of the site in Renens (VD).


Opening of the subsidiary in Kerzers (FR) (civil engineering and road construction).


Opening of Weiss+Marti AG Neuendorf (SO).


Founding of the holding and the Weiss+Marti Special Services AG (Suction+Pressure Blowing).


Occupation of the office building in Statthalterstrasse in Berne.


Mario Appetito joins the company.

Founding of a company-owned employee pension scheme.


Opening of the Weiss+Marti AG site in Langnau (BE).


Kurt Weiss (son of Otto Weiss) and Herbert Marti (nephew of Hans Marti) take over management.


Conversion of Weiss+Marti GmbH to Weiss+Marti AG.


Untimely death of Otto Weiss. Hans Marti takes on responsibility for the company, Otto Bolliger takes on responsibility for management. Company renamed Weiss+Marti GmbH.


Founding of the single enterprise Otto Weiss in Bümpliz (BE).