Concrete repairs

We take things very seriously here: concrete repairs of the highest standard

Concrete is an outstanding building material. But it is also susceptible to the ravages of time and reinforced concrete structures will – depending on environmental influence – need to be repaired after the first life phase. Working with great care is essential as concrete repairs always require intervention in the structure's statics. Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of fairfaced concrete on façades also needs to be reinstated once repairs have been carried out. Demands here can be very high, especially in connection with protected façades.

Our long-standing experience enables us to meet even the highest requirements and to demonstrate our high level of skill as master craftsmen time and again.  

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Thorough to the core: sound concrete repairs

We carry out concrete repairs to continuously maintain the value of buildings and civil engineering works. In contrast to a purely cosmetic renovation, concrete repairs also eliminate the cause of the damage and thoroughly restore the basic fabric of the structure. When reconstruction is complete, we then take care of surface protection and will be pleased to take your requirements concerning the appearance into consideration.

Correct joints: decisive

Concrete members are often separated by joints. Their purpose is to absorb the movements of a building and they need to be both elastic and watertight. This is why these elements require routine maintenance.

What the concrete repair division can do for you

Realkalisation and desalination

We use the methods of re-alkalisation and desalination to sustainably restore reinforced concrete.  This complex electrochemical process puts a sustainable, full-surface stop to corrosion. The protective layer around the reinforcing steel is restored and the environment around the steel significantly improved; either by adding alkalis or removing salts.

Further benefits
  • Sustainable corrosion stop
  • No concrete abrasion (statics)
  • Maintenance of the concrete's appearance
  • Low noise emissions
  • Outstanding ecological balance sheet
Our areas of application
  • Exposed concrete façades
  • School complexes
  • Industrial buildings, power plants and clarification plants
  • Bridges, underpassages an tunnels
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Basements and surfaces structures