An eye on the big picture: total reconstructions are our strength

We take on comprehensive reconstruction projects for you, including planning, submission and execution. And we always have an eye on the overall structure. We preserve valuable old elements when converting and restoring buildings and combine them with new ones. This preserves the fabric of the building whilst improving the building’s use and adapting it to meet the new requirements. We carry out all master builder works from demolition and dismantling to kitchen and bathroom conversions and the proper disposal of building rubble. We bring crumbly sandstone back up to scratch, remove graffiti from historic and new renderings and let everything shine in renewed splendour. 

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Would you like to know how – and where – you can benefit from major savings on energy costs in your building? We will be pleased to turn our keen attention to your energy-related weak points.

Our far-sighted energy consulting will provide you with recommendations on how you can sustainably resolve them. The benefits of our advice is uncontested: an integrated reconstruction project can often cut energy consumption in many properties by as much as 50 per cent. Investments in reconstruction are quickly amortised when one considers the additional tax aspects and subvention options. You can also ask us to issue a Cantonal Building Energy Certificate (GEAK).  

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Weiss+Appetito AG
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What's more, we are also specialists in all the other services involved in reconstruction, conversion and renovation projects. We take over the entire project management from consulting and planning to execution. Our experts are there to help you with any issues relating to the acquisition and sale of properties or site surveys and clarifications.

Our energy consulting services at a glance:
  • Energy-related building analyses

  • Reconstruction proposals for energy technology

  • Advice on statutory requirements

  • Cost-benefit calculations

  • Solution strategies

  • Feasibility studies

TerraRec liquid soil – the recycled filler for underground reconstructions

Preserve resources and save money: score with TerraRec®

TerraRec® liquid soil is the ideal resource-preserving recycled filler material. Excavated material is not discarded but processed to produce an environmentally friendly mass and reused. The temporarily fluid building material can be produced from any kind of aggregate, excavated material or recycled material by mixing it with environmentally compatible additives. It also enables cost savings: there are no landfill costs or other costs for replacement or filler material. TerraRec® is especially suitable for filling canalisation and pipeline trenches, filling or backfilling structures in civil engineering projects and wherever a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to construction is required.

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Daniel Freiburghaus
Qualified Site Supervisor SBA/TS
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Benefits of TerraRec® at a glance

TerraRec® is classified as harmless to the environment by EMPA. Production and delivery are subject to a quality management system that corresponds with state-of-the-art technology.

Practical fluidity

TerraRec® is temporarily fluid. This means objects such as pipes and trenches can be completely enclosed or filled. There is no subsequent settling. .

Low noise emissions

TerraRec® is a self-compacting building material and does not need to be compacted using special machinery. This avoids construction noise and vibrations.

Versatile in use

The properties and functions of TerraRec® can be adapted to suit specific purposes by adjusting the type and quantity of additives.