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Versatility is our strength: a workshop for every request

As a complementary service to plant and pipeline construction, our workshop not only manufactures the necessary periphery for our products but also offers services covering the entire bandwidth of steel construction. We use our wealth of experience to develop tailor-made solutions for every customer. We specialise in trimming, profile bending, pipe bending, plasma cutting, sheet bending and orbital welding. We process steel on CNC processing centres to increase productivity and cut costs. You can count on the support of our modern and powerful 3D CAD software with all technical issues; we can also process pipes on the plasma cutting machine. Our experts are also at your disposal for painting and corrosion protection work. Benefit from our know-how.

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Trouble-free work flow: place your trust in our assembly teams

Our well-rehearsed teams guarantee trouble-free assembly and a high adherence to schedule. We coordinate the assembly process with our clients and ensure things progress precisely to schedule on site.

Plant and pipeline construction projects are as varied as local conditions and the requirements of our customers. We handle them with great flexibility and a comprehensive range of services. We specialise in various media such as natural gas, oil, kerosene, chemical products, water, district heat and vapour pressure in the field of plant and pipeline construction.

We plan your plant or pipelines in the design variant you require, produce them on site and take them into operation. Our assembly teams are made up of experts with excellent training and long-standing experience in the field. Our employees regularly participate in further education and hold all the relevant permits and certificates.

Trust us!