Green roofs

Let it grow: exclusive and sustainable green roofs

As more and more open land is closed in, greenery on roofs is gaining importance as a way of replacing lost natural areas. They extend the durability of the roof membrane and have an equalising effect on the building's climate. They usually consist of low-growing, resilient and low-maintenance wild plants and herbs. We will gladly advise you on extensive roof vegetation and transport the ideal substrate onto your roof.

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Colourful and living roof vegetation

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Tile substrate

We accept delivery of old roof tiles free of charge. They are collected and broken up by a crusher and screened twice a year. The crushed tile granules are mixed with bark compost to create our certified W+A Dachgrün Plus substrate. An ecologically expedient solution!    


Our roof greening System is SFG certified

W+A Dachgrün Plus Standard

W+A Dachgrün Plus Label


Learn more about Weiss+Appetito Dachgrün Plus.

Technical details

Lava pumice

Topterra W+A is an extensive substrate that is highly suitable for all types of roof vegetation. Our mix of high-quality lava, pumice sand and sterile compost far exceeds the requirements of FLL and SFG. Furthermore, the material is stored dry and is available for collection in large quantities at any time. Topterra W+A is ideal for pneumatic conveying over large distances, easy to process and produces very little dust.  


Learn more about Lava Pumice Topterra W+A

Technical details

RICOTER Intensive Substrate

Ideal substrate for intensive roof vegetation with very good water retention properties thanks to the proportion of real Swiss soil. Other mineral components make the substrate structurally very stable and permeable. It is an all-round product for the roof garden, terrace, courtyards and other intensively used planted areas around the house.

Also tried and tested as a support layer for lawns (including turf)  


Learn more about Ricoter Intensive Substrate

Technical details

RICOTER Extensive Substrate

Light extensive substrate based on expanded clay and lava as the raw mineral material. Suitable for extensive vegetation on flat roofs and courtyards.   


Learn more about Ricoter Extensive Substrate

Technical details


Our seeding mixes

It is important to choose a suitable seed mix with drought-tolerant indigenous wild herbs, possibly supplemented with sedum shoots. We offer different roof mixtures with various plants. One of the most important attributes after seeding is patience. It takes 4-8 weeks before the first seedlings becomes visible depending on the seeding time and the weather. At least three quarters of the roof surface should be covered by living plants after two vegetation seasons.  

W+A Solar Mix

This mix consists of low-growing plants. It is ideal for roofs with solar panels. Growth height 10-15 cm.


W+A Standard Mix

This mix consists of indigenous herbs with wild flowers insensitive to drought and heat. Very low-maintenance. Growth height 10-35 cm.


W+A Special Mix

This mix consists of indigenous herbs with wild flowers insensitive to drought and heat, excluding the common poppy. Growth height 10-35 cm.



Roof maintenance

Greened roofs also need maintenance. Regular inspections and professional maintenance of your roof will give you effective protection against unpleasant surprises.

We would like to put ourselves forward as specialists in the field of vegetation control.   


  • Monitoring the condition and composition of the vegetation 
  • Weeding out undesirable plants
  • Ensuring the desired supply of nutrients
  • Keeping gravel strips free of Vegetation, especially around roof drains