Digitised networks: active player in energy change

The energy sector is facing ground-breaking changes during the course of the global energy revolution. Localised energy-generating plants working on the basis of wind, sun and biomass mean that households and small companies can now also act as energy suppliers. Energy companies need to be able to log the electrical parameters from the transformers at the entrance to the location to every downstream prosumer in order to derive network stabilisation measures from the data. The successful inclusion of communication technology in low-voltage energy distribution networks is prerequisite for the digitisation of electricity networks. That's where we come into play. We now offer an end-to-end service that we develop on the basis of end customer requirements. Our focus is on customer experience in the form of the greatest possible flexibility and ease of operation.

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Digital Champions Award 2018

Weiss+Appetito Communication GmbH gewinnt den Digital Champions Award 2018 in der Kategorie "Digitales Kundenerlebnis"


Reusing the same platform as Charge-Drive our app Smart Lockers helps to overcome the difficile management of locker stations e.g. at train stations or airports. Make your reservation remotely, authenticate yourself by your mobile, and know your stuff being stored safe whilst your leisure during your travel stops.


Charge-Drive is both, a highly user experienced and low OPEX/CAPEX oriented operational app for an E2E-management of charging cycles of electrical vehicles. Our patent pending platform combined with an innovative Go-To-Market model based on Crowdcharging principles unlocks the barrier between investments and ROIs in charging infrastructure and electrical vehicles and ensures the evolution towards a high dense charging grid in a very short time frame. Therefore Charge-Drive uniquely contributes stimulate the electromobility market


Operating on the same platform as Charge-Drive Smart Cleaning combines all user and operator relevant advantages to an extreme flexible app: Dear users: Reserve your time slot for cleaning your car well in advance; benefit from flexible commercial tariffs and avoid wasting energy for cleaning. Dear operators: Forget about the times of costy investment of hardware token based machines and time consuming maintenance procedure. Enjoy the fully software based operation with the unbeaten view to profitable growth.