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Digitale Pionierarbeit

Since 2015 we have been developing sustainable solutions for the challenges of digitalization. We offer solutions regarding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and digital locking technology. Our focus at all times is user friendliness and simple handling. We are ready to manage all phases of a project, from scaling to installing and operating it.


21.06.2021 - News
LiveLockers at the Swiss Open Gstaad

The lockers are available to the guests of the popular Tennis tournament.

10.06.2021 - News
Construction of charging infrastructure proceeds

Solar panels and bus bars have been installed.

23.06.2021 - News
Successful function test of the LiveChargers

A first test run of the charging infrastructure was completed without problems.

23.03.2021 - News
Weiss+Appetito on the digital career forum

We are exhibitor on the digital E-world energy & water 2021.

29.05.2020 - News
LiveLockers: first outdoor models shipped

The cabinets are in outdoor use for the first time.

11.03.2020 - News
LiveLockers in the gym

Smart lockers are brought into operation.


We plan, build, optimise and maintain mobile and fixed telephone networks for reputable network operators and telecom providers – and have done since 1997. Our know-how, technology and business sectors cover even the smallest specialised areas – and that as far as Germany. Whether you are planning and building a new network or optimising sections of an existing network: simply give us a call.

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Weiss+Appetito Services AG
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3006 Berne

T +41 31 750 75 75
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  • Telecommunications
    2G/3G SWAP with SRAN implementation CW&TI (D) MOBILE

    1. What is W+A doing in this project?  
    "Modernisation" of technology on-site through swapping all of the components. The SRAN solution entails replacing the main line to the antennae with fibre optic...

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  • Telecommunications
    MW Swap (CH) MOBILE

    1. What is W+A doing in this project?
    We are converting the radio line network between the mobile radio systems operated by Sunrise to the state of the art. We usually install the latest Huawei...

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  • Telecommunications
    Sunrise WDM (CH) FIXNET

    1. What is W+A doing in this project?
    We have been building the fibreglass backbone network for Sunrise since the autumn of 2015.
    Our job is to develop Sunrise's network infrastructure using the latest ...

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