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We open up new potentials for user comfort with innovative solutions.

Digital, intuitive locking solutions make keys or deposit coins useless. Luggage on trade fairs, at sports and leisure or a shipment is always safely stored. LiveLocker.

Charging infrastructure für EVs, more flexible to use and simpler to install than conventional charging poles. In the parking garage or the car park of a company or retail store. LiveCharger.

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LiveCharger – the innovative charging infrastructure

- can be positioned flexibly

- can be remotely reserved via internet

- is compatible to every type of charging structure


Conventional charging columns for electric vehicles are immobile – their solid cement foundation keeps them from being run over, but also from providing more than one or two parking spaces with electricity. Installing them is expensive and every extension of a given infrastructure demands a lot of further investment. An undersized infrastructure on the other hand turns the mobility solution of the future quickly into an annoying losing business.


That’s why we mount the wallbox onto a bus bar and forego all civil engineering. Every expansion is simple: the bus bars can be extended modularly to deliver electric power to further parking spaces. No installation work is needed, the power does not even need to be shut down. The same applies to the number of wallboxes on a bus bar system: if more boxes are required, nothing more than buying them needs to be done. Mount them on the bus bar, and they are ready.



For outdoor use, the bus bars and wallboxes can be fitted into a tailormade shelter. It fulfills the IP 67 protection standard, so bad weather does not keep the system from running smoothly for an extended period of time. Our solution allows the construction of a charging infrastructure which is abiding to gauging and energy laws.


LiveLocker: digitally operated, electronic lockers. Upfront reservations are possible via internet. All that is needed for use is a smartphone. The locker is locked directly via the phone’s display and unlocked the same way at the end of the usage time. During the booked time the user also has full access to their locker. Operating the LiveLockers is intuitive and does not require any installed software on the mobile device. All that is needed is an e-mail-address and a password.


The fields of application vary:

- Trade fairs, congresses, events:

Upfront reservable lockers allow guests to safely store their jacket or luggage for the time of their stay. All they need is their mobile phone.

- Co-working-spaces and shared offices:

Together with home office and mobile working they are the future of corporate working. Personal belongings or locally needed work materials can be stored safely and easily.

- Sports and recreation:

Locker rooms can be equipped in a way that deposit coins or keys are no longer needed. Spare clothing and valuables are safely stored for the time of the stay.

- Post offices/retail:

Administrators can connect lockers to single users for a given time. This allows a use as a post box or a pick-up station for mail, goods and documents.


The lockers‘ internet connection is realized via mobile communication, making it as proof to technical failures and as self-sufficient as possible. All that is needed for power supply is a standard 220 volt power connection. The lockers are spacious enough to accomodate a regular piece of carry-on luggage, but the whole closet still fits through a standard room door. This allows the LiveLockers to be put to use anywhere, as they can can also be used outdoor, thanks to them being splash-proof (approx. IP55 protection).


Our LiveLockers are a prized solution of digitalization. Protected throughout europe as a utility model (EUIPO-No. 018000009).