Dismantling project at the former Schönburg Post Office

Pascal Lehmann, General Manager, Telecoms CH

Material transport under difficult conditions. The Weiss+Appetito Telecoms team dismantled the entire Sunrise mobile telephony installation on top of the former Schönburg post office in Bern.

One of the largest value preservation projects ever undertaken in Bern is about to be launched. Over the coming years, the former post office headquarters (the Schönburg) will be transformed into a high-calibre residential and hotel complex. In the past, all three major Swiss mobile telephony providers erected stations directly on the building. However, the contracts were not renewed, so the entire installations had to be dismantled within a very short time frame. Weiss+Appetito Telecoms was contracted by Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG to dismantle the entire Sunrise installation. After several days of preparatory work and once the relevant authorisations had been obtained, a helicopter – and fine weather – were ordered for 23 June 2016.

No less than 26 flights with a 70 m line were needed to transport the material from the roof and place it accurately in the container that was standing ready. The items removed included seven mobile telephony masts, counterweight plates, four technical cabinets, dozens of metres of cable and vast quantities of smaller accessories. In addition, all the technical equipment (including firewalls and doors) was removed from the interior of the building. The fibre optic and power lines from the basement up to the inside of the roof also had to be removed in their entirety. Finally, the roof was restored to its original condition and the last traces of the operation were eliminated.

The result: nothing now stands in the way of the new construction project planned by the new owners. This dismantling project is an excellent example of the many non-standard assignments that we have carried out under difficult conditions at locations throughout Switzerland. They present major challenges in terms of planning and logistics – as well as the actual execution of the work on "D-Day". But it is also a great pleasure to see a plan like this put into practice with perfect efficiency.