Preserving value – with professional, efficient conversions

Tamara Parham, Head of Marketing

As soon as the construction permit was issued, Weiss+Appetito Building Reconstruction – as lead manager – fired the starting shot for the extensive master builder's work. Two walls, an old fireplace with a long mantelpiece in the 1960s style, several windows, the old parquet floor and the kitchen were replaced with a new panoramic window, two new balcony doors and two new windows.

The only cloud on the horizon was the discovery of asbestos in the fireplace column, but this was quickly removed and disposed of in the proper manner. To meet statics requirements, two new steel girders and a steel stanchion for the window were installed to carry the load of this venerable building, which dates back to 1920. The new parquet was installed by the Floors+Flooring division, with rustic floorboards and a new subfloor: this created the basis for the new kitchen which was to provide the keynote for the new living ambience. After completion of the painting and plasterwork, which also involved opening the dirt traps and removing the covers, the new living area was ready: brighter than ever before, with everything sparkling clean and freshly painted. 

Eight weeks of reconstruction work and an investment in value preservation left the happy occupants fully satisfied.

Glasses were raised to the reconstruction on the new staircase, which had just been freshly concreted by the Building Reconstruction team – tempting everyone to visit the newly planted garden area below. 

An entirely new living ambience was created by Weiss+Appetito's Building Reconstruction and Floors+Flooring teams, with the help of professional planning and construction management by qbus.