Welle 7: Weiss+Appetito delivers over 4,600 m2 of comfortable flooring

Robert Sigrist, Site Manager

Welle 7 is a modern shopping and business centre in central Bern.

Perfect conditions underfoot are essential for managing the centre – and to ensure that shoppers have an enjoyable experience. That's why Weiss+Appetito AG was contracted to carry out various types of flooring and floor-covering work in Welle 7. Functional factors such as resilience and durability were just as critical in the execution of this project as the aesthetic aspects.

After an initial on-site inspection, Weiss+Appetito AG ultimately persuaded the customer to choose an industry-style floor covering that met the wishes of the building owners and the architects: our references, technical expertise and 'people skills' were also key factors.

To perform the contract, Weiss+Appetito AG installed 2,270 m2 of ground synthetic resin mortar coating in the mall zone of Welle 7 – and that was only one part of the work. This high-grade floor features a specifically assembled selection of minerals with special pigmentation. This flooring can also be classified as ecologically sound because it is extremely long-lasting and highly resilient and, after the floor is taken up, the material can be disposed of at any waste site with no problems for the environment.

PU flowline floors were also installed in the facility management rooms at Welle 7. Resilient, easy to maintain, comfortable and rugged – these are the key features of this flooring. Epoxy resin flowline flooring was installed in technical zones, kitchen areas and the packaging department. This product was chosen because of its anti-slip properties, resilience, easy maintenance and a pleasing visual appearance. In the incoming goods area, we installed a PMMA flooring system: the multi-layer installation was carried out at night so that the surface could be cleared for full use with heavy loads on the following day. We laid vinyl flooring in the 'mymuesli' shop area. Weiss+Appetito AG was also contracted to install sub-flooring in various areas of Welle 7. This all adds up to over 4,600 m2 of flooring, spread across different storeys, in line with the client's wishes and requirements.
The delivery schedule was tight, but all deadlines were met by the employees assigned to the work. A very pleasant working relationship developed with the construction management, which played a significant part in achieving work results of high quality. Both the clients and the specialists involved were satisfied with the outcome.