Drying out damp cellars

01.12.2016 - PR-Reports

Professional article VBK - Schweizerischer Verband für Bautenschutz

Damp cellars are more frequently becoming a topic of building reconstruction.

There are many reasons for damp and wet cellars. One reason is changing climatic conditions that result in unusually heavy rainfall. In the spring of 2016, many cellars were flooded that had previously always been dry. Changes to hydrological conditions in the local area are another reason, for instance when new buildings are erected in the neighbour-hood and the water finds new routes through the ground. However, very conventional reasons can also be the cause of a damp or wet cellar. The first step, namely the cause analysis, is a decisive aspect of drying out cellars. This analysis calls for the experience and knowledge of a construction specialist who investigates the causes of a wet or damp cellar.

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