LTE system technology implementation TI (D) MOBILE

1. What is W+A doing in this project?
Development and integration of Huawei 2G and LTE system technology.  

2. What is the approach to or course of action for tackling such an assignment?
The client sends us an order (PO) for a site. The site is inspected by the team with regard to specific preconditions such as special access, lifting platforms, work safety and is then planned into the schedule for a team. The team then installs the system technology on site and integrates it with the help of Huawei RICs. Finally, the client is presented with comprehensive documentation and the invoice for the site.  

3. How big is the project?
We install between 20 and 40 network elements per week. 10 teams are at work, whereby the number of engineers in the team varies between 8 and 14 depending on the amount of work on site and the weekly volume of assignments.

4. Special assignments?
Telekom contacts us directly in the event of problems and failures in Telekom's live network. Complex conversions involving the replacement of antennae and feeders are also assigned to us directly by Telekom.  

 5. What characterises W+A in this project?
Our long-standing cooperation with Huawei/Telekom as clients and the resulting wealth of experience (know-how). Our highly-trained, certified and experienced engineers. Our flexibility.  

6. Impact on the daily life of Joe Public?
Better network coverage and reception in Deutsche Telekom's LTE network.  

7. A look ahead to the future …
The LTE is as yet not fully developed and we will thus continue to be involved in this project over the coming years, probably with the large-scale 3G technology swap.


Arslan Yildiz

Huawei for Deutsche Telekom, Western Germany (D)


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