2G/3G SWAP with SRAN implementation CW&TI (D) MOBILE

1. What is W+A doing in this project?  
"Modernisation" of technology on-site through swapping all of the components. The SRAN solution entails replacing the main line to the antennae with fibre optic cables and then using a short section of hollow copper wave guide known as a "jumper" as the main technology (RRU) is located at the top of the mast.

2. What is the approach to or course of action for tackling such an assignment?
The client (Vodafone) appoints Huawei to "modernise" the installation, i.e. swap the technology. Huawei then develops a site solution (conversion) in cooperation with us as a partner that is then implemented cluster by cluster in accordance with a communicated schedule (the sequence is defined by Vodafone).  As Huawei's strong and reliable partner, Weiss + Appetito takes care of every aspect including logistics, planning, crane deployment, installation, commissioning and documentation.

3. How big is the project?
Around 1,200 sites with close to 2,000 individual network elements (2G & 3G).

4. Special assignments?
The swap at the VW plant with a subsequent email of thanks for the smooth organisation and coordination with Volkswagen AG and its technology that is integrated in the system.

5. What characterises W+A in this project?
Our know-how in the field of telecommunications and the flexibility and capacity that goes with it, that we continue where others give up, that we remain firmly focused on our objectives and the client's best interests.

6. Impact on the daily life of Joe Public?
Better network coverage, faster mobile surfing.

7. A look ahead to the future …   
This project has come to a successful end.

Kai Kroch und Ali Ünlü


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