Loveresse sewage treatment plant

Weiss+Appetito AG keeps the Loveresse sewage treatment plant in good working order. The Loveresse sewage treatment plant has been operating since the 1980s. In recent years, the fabric of the building began to show signs of this long operating period. To ensure that the plant could continue to function, the various ponds had to be fully reconstructed as a measure to preserve value. Weiss+Appetito AG was awarded the contract for this work.


Project description

  • Removal of the existing coating together with the cement skin down to the grain structure of the concrete
  • Re-profiling of the concrete in damaged areas to protect the steel reinforcements from corrosion
  • Full-surface filling and coating of the basins with high-resistance products 


Implementation: 2016

Building owner: 
Loveresse SETE
Jaques Steiner, Stephan Weber

ATB SA, Olivier Schacher

Construction management:
B+S Engineers, Kurt Tanner

Weiss+Appetito AG
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2503 Biel
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Site manager:
Weiss+Appetito AG,
Building Reconstruction
Olivier Fleury

Weiss+Appetito AG, Frank Baumann, Anton Daka, Sandro Manco, Nazim Musai, Nexhat Schermeli


Weiss+Appetito AG
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