1. What is W+A doing in this project?
We have been building the fibreglass backbone network for Sunrise since the autumn of 2015.
Our job is to develop Sunrise's network infrastructure using the latest  DWDM technology.
We install and commission the corresponding network elements.  

2. What is the approach to or course of action for tackling such an assignment?
A roll-out plan is developed in coordination with the client. We then receive the network design and the hardware from the client. Installation work is based exclusively on specifications provided by Sunrise.
The trick to mastering this project is to quickly understand the complex design specifications and deploy technicians efficiently to meet the specified deadlines.  

3. Special assignments?
Migrating services during the night. This involves converting various telecom services that are mainly used by Sunrise's large end customers.  

4. What characterises W+A in this project?
A very high degree of flexibility to ensure that we meet short-term changes to plans.

5. Impact on the daily life of Joe Public?
The availability of telecom services from Sunrise.  

6. A look ahead to the future …
Our contract with the client runs until the end of 2017.

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