Welle 7: Weiss+Appetito delivers comfortable flooring

Welle 7 is a modern shopping and business centre in central Bern. 

Perfect conditions underfoot are essential for managing the centre – and to ensure that shoppers have an enjoyable experience. That's why Weiss+Appetito AG was contracted to carry out various types of flooring and floor-covering work in Welle 7. Functional factors such as resilience and durability were just as critical in the execution of this project as the aesthetic aspects.


Project description

  • Polished artificial resin mortar screed installed in the mall area
  • Self-levelling PU screeds installed in the facility management rooms
  • Epoxy resin scatter coatings installed in the building technology rooms, kitchens and prep rooms
  • PMMA coating system with multi-layer build-up installed in the delivery area during night shifts 
  • Vinyl coating installed in the mymuesli shop
  • Screeds installed in various areas


Implementation: 2016

Building owner: 
Migros Aare

Construction management: 
SB, Harald Grünig,
Stefan Frikart, Roland Pally

Site management: 
Robert Sigrist, Diego Millal

Weiss+Appetito AG, Floors+Flooring


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