Turnkey (CH) MOBILE

1. What is W+A doing in this project?
Our assignments are very varied as we act as a hub between customers and employees.
The negotiations and meetings we have with different people from the customer's side are very interesting.
Internal processes such as personnel planning and employee appraisals are also an important component. 

2. What is the approach to or course of action for tackling such an assignment?
Many assignments are characterised by the customer's goals and projects. Our daily challenge is to achieve the best possible outcome with regard to costs, deadlines and quality.  

3. Special assignments?
They often pop up and make our work interesting. They could be a temporary installation for a festival or a spontaneous roof renovation calling for a fast response.  

4. What characterises W+A in this project?
Our strengths are flexibility, swift action and customer satisfaction.  

5. Impact on the daily life of Joe Public?
The end customers will benefit from faster data transfer rates and improved network quality thanks to extensions to existing installations and the construction of new facilities.  

6. A look ahead to the future …
GSM was followed by UMTS, and now we are installing LTE. Some countries are already installing 5G … the market will stay on the move and demand will remain constant.

Pascal Lehmann and Andreas Jehle


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