Come on YB!

After a break of several years, we were able to resume a longstanding commitment in autumn 2021. Until 2024, we are proud to be a Premium Partner of BSC Young Boys. We are linked by past times and partnerships, and we also have many other things in common. YB and Weiss+Appetito are two long-established Bernese brands that can look back on lengthy traditions. Just like YB, we can also send the best people out into the field everyday so we can triumph over the competition. 

For the next generation

Promoting young talent is also one of our top priorities. We offer young people support so they can succeed in various sports including football, motocross and BMX.

And the prize bull goes to…

Wrestling is also a popular sport in our firm. We contribute in various ways so that sports events can be staged successfully and up-and-coming athletes can be supported. 


Green city of the future

As a Gold Partner of the Schweizerische Fachvereinigung Gebäudebegrünung (SGF) , we support green building as part of sustainable urban development. Through our contribution, we aim to promote biodiversity and environmental quality in urban space to help reduce climate risks.

Thinking about the future of logistics

Through our commitment to the Galliker Green Logistics supporting association, we play an active part in reducing CO2 emissions each year.