Redesign and reconstruction of the Eigerplatz in Bern

Dominic Tüscher, Project Manager & Pascal Hagmann, Project Manager

Work to reconstruct and redesign the Eigerplatz began on 22 April 2016: we are transforming the Eigerplatz into an attractive centre for this district of the city. The intensive phase began during the 2016 summer holidays and will last until autumn 2016, with completion scheduled for late summer 2017.

The Eigerplatz is a square located halfway between the railway station and Köniz – a central traffic intersection in the middle of Bern's most popular bus route. In recent years, however, people have only mentioned the Eigerplatz because its appearance is so dilapidated, and because any extensions to the infrastructure have been sporadic and poorly coordinated. The Directorate of Civil Engineering, Transport and Urban Greening shared this view and – together with Bernmobil and Bern's energy and water utility (ewb) – they launched the project to refurbish and redesign the Eigerplatz. Between summer 2016 and about the middle of August 2017, this uninviting and confusing traffic intersection with its small park is to become an attractive urban centre. We are delighted that the client has awarded the contract for extensive parts of the work to us at Josef Muff AG. 

Our contribution to this sustainable upgrade of an urban district – only made possible by the client's foresighted and pioneering approach – includes the tram track drainage system (a major element in drainage for the entire area), installation of new DN 200 – DN 400 steel pipes for water and gas (length: 1,045 m) as well as installing DN 80 -125 pipes to supply district heating (length: 930 m). As regards plastics and PE (OD 110 - OD 225), we are looking forward to installing 1,200 m of pipe including hydrants. Countless preformed parts and fittings will provide the structural framework required for the entire pipe installation. Logistics and access to the huge construction site pose some of the major challenges. A key factor in completion of the overall project is the excellent working relationship between the three partners in the consortium (Marti AG, Kibag and Frutiger): this has also benefited us greatly as regards the scope of services to be provided by Josef Muff AG. 

All in all, we are looking forward to this challenging work within a tight time frame – and we are convinced that we shall be able to make our contribution to the modern Eigerplatz in line with the site owner's requirements to the fullest satisfaction of the clients as well as the general public.