Façade protection

Well-armed against environmental impact: competent façade protection

Surfaces are constantly exposed to harmful environmental impact. CO2, acids and salts from the air, chlorides and chemicals from traffic and the environment can all penetrate the structure of a building with detrimental effects. This is why the right surface system is decisive. Our competent consultants will be pleased to help you make the right choice.

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The right surface for your requirements


The process of making a structural element water repellent is know as hydrophobising. The hydrophobising agent coats the internal surfaces of pores and capillaries. The breathability of the material is maintained as the pores and capillaries are not sealed.  


Impregnating a concrete surface reduces the surface porosity and strengthens the surface. The pores and capillaries are partially or completely filled in.


Coatings close pores and capillaries completely and create a thin protective layer on the concrete surface. Coatings have many different uses including non-slip steps, attractive balconies and aesthetically appealing walls.