Strengthening supporting structures

Accurately calculated: strengthening the supporting structure with utmost accuracy

Strengthening individual supporting structural elements is often necessary when converting a building for a new purpose. Accurate work and comprehensive expertise are essential as these interventions are relevant to the building's statics. We can look back on many years of experience in the field of structural strengthening and have many corresponding references. We use CFRP, steel lamella or pre-stressed lamella to manufacture the reinforcements, enabling us to meet a wide range of different requirements. Hand laminate is used to strengthen large areas. The result: your building can be put to a new use. 

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You can find more information in the factsheet on strengthening supporting structures


Our services in the field of strengthening supporting structures

Our services at a glance
  • Building usage changes
  • Seismic reinforcement
  • Shear and bending tension reinforcements
  • Preserving the building's fabric
  • Strengthening engineered wooden structures
Punching shear reinforcement

Punching shear reinforcement is an important topic that offers various options. For instance, we have systems in our programme that do not affect the ground above the supports. Generally speaking, the following applies: strengthening a building's supporting structure calls for accurate calculations by the engineers. 

  • Earthquake resistance measures - calculated by our engineers
  • Middle lamella, concrete bracing, pre-stressed lamella and sheets