Vectoring Swap (CH) FIXNET

1. What is W+A doing in this project?

For instance, managing the roll-out project Huawei/"Swisscom Vectoring SWAP". The main tasks are:

1. Technical clarifications together with the client
2. Procuring/providing suitable resources
3. Planning/coordination of the entire migration with personnel (with regard to quantity and timing)
4. Procurement of site access information
5. Provision of aids for personnel (tools, access means, general equipment, etc.)
6. Material purchasing
7. Monitoring the flow of materials from Huawei to Weiss+Appetito
8. Assuring the quality of delivery/quality assurance
9. Commercial control and monitoring 


2. What is the approach to or course of action for tackling such an assignment?

For instance, managing the roll-out project Huawei/"Swisscom Vectoring SWAP". The start conditions are:

- Basic contract concluded with client Huawei.
- Resource procurement process completed (allocation of internal or external personnel)   

1. Roll-out planning
2. Order processing
3. Draw up and submit final documentation
4. Carry out acceptance process
5. Initiate billing process
6. Reclaiming/disposal of old material
7. Roll-out meeting

1. Site survey
2. Obtain site configuration data
3. Site configuration
4. Site migration  

Continuous/as required
1. Quality assurance/remedy of defects
2. Personnel training   


3. How big is the project?  
2013/2014:       2,134 sites
2015/2016:       1,280 sites 


4. Special assignments?
- Site surveys
- Re-testing of reclaimed hardware  


5. What characterises W+A in this project?  
- Very high flexibility
- Reliability
- High quality of installation
- Virtually 100% delivery reliability (only 0.9% of cancellations caused by W+A)


6. Impact on the daily life of Joe Public?  
- Swisscom fixed network customers (excluding FTTH) will have more bandwidth at their disposal (up to approx. 150 Mbit) when this project is concluded    


7. A look ahead to the future …  
This project is fully concluded with the completion of all site migrations.
Additional projects will follow within the framework of our agreement with Huawei.
The TOP performance of our team is the best business card.

Stefan Anner


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