1. What is W+A doing in this project?
We are converting the base station for the provider Sunrise. These stations will usually provide LTE technology services to the end customer when our work is done.

2. What is the approach to or course of action for tackling such an assignment?
The Sunrise network plan is the basis. As soon as it is disclosed to us, we send our engineers on site surveys to analyse the installations on site, define the technical solutions and, where indicated, plan any additional building work. The actual extension takes place after an engineering phase that takes place in-house and at Huawei. Teams of two to four engineers travel to the installations, convert the site to LTE technology and integrate them in the Sunrise network.

3. How big is the project?
We had around 600 major integration assignments in 2015. Then there are antenna swaps, site surveys and many minor special assignments.

4. Special assignments?
The need for coordination increases exponentially whenever larger construction work is required to install additional antennae, base stations, RRUs, etc. The challenge is to get absolutely everything spot on.

5. What characterises W+A in this project?
We are extremely flexible, find fast solutions for the client, routinely think a step ahead and deliver first-class installation quality.

6. Impact on the daily life of Joe Public?
The little bars on our smartphones at the upper edge depend directly on our work. Its impact is therefore directly noticeable in the mobile phone network more than anywhere else.

7. A look ahead to the future …
4G will soon be standard and will be followed by the next technological jump forwards. We are ready for it.

Didier Rohrer


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