Gravel placement and removal, filling, greening and cleaning: all part of our daily business. We remove all liquid and dry materials by suction from any location, and we even transport lean or permeable concrete at lightning speed. Whether you need a complete structure starting with the roof cladding or a green roof, we will advise you on every aspect. We will help you choose the substrate that suits you best and will deal with transporting it quickly and carefully onto your roof. Which type of greening do you want: extensive or intensive? You can also rely on us here. Maintenance of your roof is one of our strengths! We make sure that your greenery grows correctly and stays where it is supposed to be.



We remove a wide variety of wet and dry materials from any location with our special vehicles.

Pressure blowing

Pressure-blowing of gravel, substrates, crushed stone, cavity filling, backfills, lean, permeable or expanded concrete.

Green roofs

We will gladly advise you on extensive green roofs and transport the optimal substrate onto the roof for you.

Our sites provide services throughout Switzerland and beyond its borders.

Kerzers (Operations Centre)

Spezialdienste AG
Brüggfeld 15
3216 Ried b. Kerzers

T +41 31 750 75 55

Contact person Kerzers ➝


Spezialdienste AG
Route de Peney 147
1214 Vernier GE

T +41 79 203 19 84

Contact person Geneva ➝


Spezialdienste AG
c/o Temma Sagl
Via Mimosa 8
6648 Minusio/TI

T +41 79 209 80 42

Contact person Tessin ➝


Weiss+Appetito Spezialdienste AG
Suction+Pressure Blowing
9249 Niederstetten

T +41 71 931 58 40

Contact person Niederstetten ➝


Weiss+Appetito SAS
15b rue du capitaine Dreyfus
F-68510 Sierentz

T +33 389 75 97 68 ➝


Weiss+Appetito SAS
Rue de l’Artisanat
F-01390 Saint-André-de-Corcy 

T +33 389 75 97 68 ➝


Wagner GmbH & Co. KG
Humboldtstrasse 25
D-75334 Straubenhardt

T +49 7082 41 55 70 ➝


Wagner GmbH & Co. KG
Breisgauallee 24
D-79336 Herbolzheim

T +49 7643 936 97 75 ➝


Wagner GmbH & Co. KG
Spenglerallee 25
D-04442 Zwenkau

T +49 342 03 43 28 90 ➝


Heid Orkan GmbH
Bodenschneidstrasse 3
D-83714 Miesbach

T +49 8025 28 00 45 ➝


Pirchat 6
6134 Vomperbach

T +43 55 767 21 27 ➝


Lirerstrasse 17
A-6844 Altach

T +43 55 767 21 27 ➝


100 Jahre – Mitarbeiterfest Weiss+Appetito!

Am vergangenen Samstag (16. September 2023) haben wir unser 100-jähriges Jubiläumsfest gefeiert, und es war ein wahres Highlight! Wir möchten uns von Herzen bei allen Mitarbeitenden und ihren Partnern bedanken, die zahlreich erschienen sind und ...
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Roof gravelling project with a view of Lake Thun

We were mandated by Bauimpuls to replace the gravel on the flat roof of the Faulensee fishing base. The spectacular location on the shore of Lake Thun fully made up for the wind and the rain.
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A butterfly roof for the children's centre

Mitarbeiter der Sparte Saugen+Blasen der Weiss+Appetito Gruppe Österreich verwirklichten in St. Johann in Tirol den Traum eines jeden Kindes. Eines der Dächer des Kinderzentrums ist kein gewöhnliches Dach, sondern besteht aus einem grossen Schmetterling, gebaut ...
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