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Working at Weiss+Appetito

As you can see, our activities are very diverse. Other companies operate in just one business field, but we work successfully in no less than five different sectors: Construction (Building Reconstruction, Floors+Flooring), Pipeline Construction, Suction+Pressure Blowing, the Technical Centre, and Telecommunications. Like a grocery store where you can find all kinds of exciting things or a marketplace where you are surrounded by the aromas of various delicacies, you will experience Weiss+Appetito as an industrial company that takes on all manner of projects and brings them to profitable conclusions. And we have been doing this for 100 years. Do you want to get actively involved and plunge into the multifarious world of Weiss+Appetito? Are you imaginative, enthusiastic and pragmatic? Then don't wait until tomorrow – we'd like to get to know you today!