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Technical Center

28. March 2022

Tunnel coating system

The Special Vehicle Construction division at Weiss+Appetito SEM AG is renowned for the machines it develops. Every day, our vehicle construction specialists build machines and equipment exactly in accordance with customers' requirements. Planning, steel construction, installation, electrical control, hydraulics, software with display, maintenance and repairs – everything from one single source.

A standard machine is often unable to provide the performance required for the intended purpose. That's why our motto is: "If it doesn't fit, we make it fit!" And that's exactly what happened when we developed a customised prototype system for Trauffer AG Bautenschutz. The client wanted to optimise the tunnel coating process by deploying a special machine. After about 2,500 hours of work, the finished vehicle was ready to operate for the first time.


We developed the control (including software and hardware) ourselves, so we were able to accommodate all the client's requests.
Neat and tidy, crystal clear and with the latest technology built in: this is what the controls we developed look like.
The cabin can be rotated and tilted.


Platform with the paint tanks.
The result is astounding.
The coating boom is extendable.


Project data

Project Manager
Weiss+Appetito SEM AG, Simon Johner